Almost Back!

February 25, 2020 0 By kimbannerman

I decided to take a short break from the podcast because I got myself involved in a big exciting project that’s taken up most of my time, but just as I was preparing to return, I was STRUCK DOWN by a particularly nasty cough that has sunk its talons into my flesh and wrestled me to the ground. Blech! The illness is still clinging to me. I’m getting better, but much too slow for my liking.

Still, I didn’t think anyone would want to listen to a podcast where the host devolves into fits of hacking and snorting and blowing her nose, so I extended my break until I’m back to full health. This has given sound producer Shawn the opportunity to write lots of new songs, too, which we’re both excited to share.

So I’m coming back, don’t worry! Northwest by Night is far from done. I just need to get healthy for your listening pleasure. In the meantime, if you have any topics you’d like to see covered or any PNW mysteries you’d like me to explore, why not send them along? You can reach me at hello(at)northwestbynight(dot)com.

Stay warm and dry, west coast besties! I’ll see you so so so soon!