About NBN

Northwest By Night is a production of Fox&Bee Studio. It explores the strange and shadowy history of the West Coast, circa 1860 to 1960 (but honestly, we’re flexible). Telling stories of crimes, quirks, and things that go bump in the night, Northwest by Night celebrates west coast weirdness. The podcast is hosted by Kim Bannerman, with music and sound editing by Shawn Pigott.

Kim Bannerman lives on Vancouver Island, Canada, where she writes short stories, novels, and screenplays. Her novels include the cosmic-horror-romance Love and Lovecraft (2018), the werewolf tale The Tattooed Wolf (2014), and the BC-based historical murder mystery Bucket of Blood (2011).

Shawn Pigott is a musician, videographer, and really spectacular cook. Based on Vancouver Island, he grew up in the Okanagan Valley and spent most of his childhood swimming with Ogopogo. His music frequently appears on movie soundtracks, commercials, and podcasts, and his most recent album, West Coast Soul Sound Road Trip, is available on iTunes and Spotify.